Comic Review: Batman #45

If DC wants me to buy a book, then they just have to mention that there will be a cameo of the "world's greatest hero you never heard of": Michael John Carter, aka Booster Gold. After Rebirth, DC has given the "more competent than he seems" glory hog a return to his roots. He's got Skeets back and he's figuring out how being a C-list Justice League member works. Ted Kord is busy hanging with Jaime Reyes right now, so I'll have to be content at that. 

Now, I know what your saying: "Sledge, this is a Batman comic book.... talk about Batman." To that I say: "This is a Booster Gold comic book disguised as a Batman comic book... shut up."

That's Hal Jordan committing suicide in the reflection of Booster's visor.

That's Hal Jordan committing suicide in the reflection of Booster's visor.

The Rebirthed Booster is allot like the Booster of old. He has a hard time learning, and craves everyone's acceptance. He'd just went through a spat with Superman on Krypton before it blew up for a few issues in Action Comics and some time stream lessons remain hard to learn. Altering with the time-line is tricky. It's not that it shouldn't be done, but you have to get all the calculations right and Rip Hunter isn't around to check your math always. But, what if you momentarily changed the timeline as a gift to Batman, and then were to change it back? That couldn't be so bad, could it?

What if Booster Gold saved Bruce Wayne's parents? What if they were never shot by Joe Chill on that fated night? Like a reverse It's a Wonderful Life. Booster recalls an old story about Mongul giving Superman the "Black Mercy." would have loved to not have his home blow up, but knowing all the bad that he adverted by coming to Earth... well that was enough to convince the last son of Krypton to break free from the dream. Superman later looked on that episode an affirmation of many decisions he would later make. Proving that he is self-less and ultimately a good person. Wouldn't it be nice if Batman got to feel that way too?


So Booster does what Booster does, he makes a change. The world goes crazy. Joker is killing heroes, Cobblepot is President of the US, and Ra's Al Ghul is ruling Eurasia. Jason Todd is selling anti-theft systems and Duke is being spoon fed gruel. Dick Grayson is Batman and is trying to kill anyone with superpowers before Joker get's to them. Everything is very very very wrong. And that was the point! Booster want's Bruce Wayne to have the same realization that Clark Kent had. He then would fix everything once that happened.


The problem is, Bruce Wayne isn't a good person (at least not this Bruce Wayne... but lets be honest, no Bruce Wayne really is unless it's Adam West). Once Booster tells him the backstory and what he needs to give up in order to make a better future for humanity... Bruce Destroys Skeets. This action would seemingly lock in this version of the time-line for all of continuity. How can this ever be made right?

Well... we will have to find out next issue.

Seriously, Tom King, where do you find the time? Where do you find the time to make so many amazing books? Sure, having the help of amazing artist like Tony Daniel on a book like this is great, but still... it's gotta be a rough schedule. I run out of superlatives when commenting about your product. 

Any-way..... Buy this book! If Booster isn't enough, seeing alternate reality versions of the Bat-family should be. If that's not enough.... well, some people don't deserve "The Gold Standard!"

Rating: 10/10 What's Tim Drake Up To?