All In Chicago: Three matches we really want to see on Sept. 1

While we're still more than three months out from the historic All In show set for Sept. 1 from the Sears Centre Arena in the Chicago area, the time for speculation and fantasy booking as now as names have now officially filled a slice of the card. 

As announced Sunday, May 13 at One Hour Tees in Chicago, Cody will challenge for the historic 10-pounds of gold in the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at All In Chicago. Nick Aldis, a former TNA World Heavyweight and tag team champion,  and IWGP tag team champion, is the current NWA champ. So, that's a solid matchup as is, but we'll leave those two men out of our fantasy booking scenarios. 

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For those living under a rock, All In is set for Sept. 1 in Chicago at the Sears Centre Arena. Tickets sold out in less than 30 minutes, so good luck and godspeed. Tickets for Starrcast '18 go on sale Tuesday, May 15, so JUMP ON THAT. 

"All In isn't about a bet. All In is about a feeling, a feeling that I have in common with Matt and Nick Jackson -- the Young Bucks. A feeling that we can go beyond … and break the status quo," Cody, the next "State Senator of Texas," said during the news conference.

Our panel of experts includes four All In ticket holders in myself, Benjamin Raven, Drew McCarthy, Jon Calvaruso and Austin Brunner of The Geekiverse. 

Benjamin Raven's picks: 

Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada: I don't give a crap if this has happened three, four, five or six times ahead of All In, I want to see Omega-Okada in Chicago. Imagine the crowd for that match, imagine the hype surrounding Okada on this stage in front of this audience in the U.S. My body needs this, but also at the same time, it doesn't, because I'm pretty sure I would just freeze myself like Cartman in "South Park" waiting for Sept. 1. 

Marty Scurll and Hangman Page vs. Rey Mysterio and Jushin Thunder Liger: This selection is very different if Omega and Okada doesn't happen, because the thought of seeing either Liger, Scurll or Hangman vs Omega or Okada, is very pleasing. So many options here, but I think this would be a very solid backup plan for Omega/Okada matchup potential guys. 

Some of Rey's best matches have been tag team ones, and he will be connected to Liger following their NJPW matchup which I can't imagine will turn into a face vs heel affair. Putting those two legends against Marty and Hangman, now that would be fun. 

The Young Bucks vs. Roppongi 3K vs. Best Friends Trent and Chuck: Go back to the WrestleKingdom match between the Bucks and Roppongi 3K, it was a fantastic, more than usual straightforward match showing off what so many people mean when they say the Young Bucks are the most old school guys in wrestling. 

Throw in Trent Barreta and Chuck Taylor, the best friends, and you add to not only the match quality but to the weird and crazy factor. Throwing this match on here is very selfish meaning that this is something that I dearly want, and it would be awesome to see Barreta and Taylor booked on this card/the former healed and returned from injury. This would be so much fun, and it could be one of the highlights of the night. 

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Jon Calvaruso's picks: "Can I just say Stephen Amell three times?

Ben: "Actually, yeah that works." 

Drew McCarthy's picks: 

Marty vs Rey vs Flip: Falls Count Anywhere. Let 3 smaller guys work together and blow the doors off the mid-card. My dark horse to steal the show is Flip. I think a lot of the shit they give him is a work towards putting him over at All In. And he's gonna get booked. Dammit.

Amell and Adam Page vs Jay Lethal and Son of Havoc: Amell is gonna be working a tag team angle with someone from BC, why not give that kiss to Hangman? He's been incredibly solid and letting Amell work with 2 solid guys in Lethal and SoH spells a fun match.

Okada vs Omega V: We all want it but will NJPW let it happen at All In? GOD I HOPE SO. Make this a last man standing match. Make this whatever you want. Just make it real. And just for kicks?

My other option... The Young Bucks and Amell (The Vigilante Bucks) vs Penta, Fenix and Rey. Spot Town, population 10,154

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Austin Brunner's picks: 

Marty Scurll vs. Rey Mysterio: This match simply intrigues me. I see a lot of amazing aerial spots being turned into submission holds with quick counters. And the entrances between the two should be pretty cool, so why not?

The Young Bucks vs. Fenix and Pentagon Jr.: Spot city. Can you imagine some of the amazing stuff you’d see in this match? The number of superkicks could easily break a record. Brothers vs. Brothers. High-speed chaos. Seems like a fun match that would get everyone super hyped to be in the Windy City for All-In.

Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada: I know they are facing each other at Dominion and will break the internet. I know this will have been the fifth time they face off if it does indeed happen. And I know it’s only a few months off that Dominion match. As much as I would like CM Punk to return and get in on this, it’s unlikely. So I’m going the easy route and picking the match that will continue to flood twitter until they decide not to wrestle.