Comic Review: Sweetwater checks out WWE Boom! #1

Full disclosure, I have never once owned a comic. Until I BOUGHT IN and joined the Court of Nerds. I went to Tardy’s Collectors Corner (which you need to check out if you live anywhere near Grand Rapids) to buy a gift for a friend at the recommendation of Drew, and was instantly drawn to the WWE Boom! Studio Comic books. I bought #1 “Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim” as that gift, flipped through it, and had to have it!

Tardy’s ordered a copy, held it for me (told you they were awesome), and we were off. Now, I understand that buying a comic book with a storyline I already know is somewhat silly on the surface. However, what this book did was present the Rollins story in a unique way that truly has you rethink possibilities behind the scenes.

How weird was the dynamic between the three Shield members before Seth Rollins dismantled the group with the steel chair? How exactly did Triple H convince The Architect to become the “Plan B” for The Authority? Who got in Seth’s ear and told him that Wrestlemania 31 was the best time to cash in his Money in the Bank contract? When Seth’s knee gave out, who gave him the inspiration to Redesign himself, Rebuild his knee, and Reclaim the title?

This WWE Boom! Comic puts the whole story in a new, fresh perspective, and it’s a quick read. Thankfully, I already have #2 on standby (yes, I bought the first two immediately, because I am the Nerd The Club constantly talks about), and will review that shortly.