Comic Review: WWE Boom! #2

Did I read the next comic book the next day because I couldn’t get enough after “Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim”? The answer is yes. While this one was shorter than the first, the story was actually quite spectacular.

Comic Review: Sweetwater checks out WWE Boom! #1

Going through the arc of Dean Ambrose as the man, this creates a great mental picture of the Lunatic Fringe. What this story does so well is weaving in Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Brock Lesnar, Bayley and the Wyatt Family into Ambrose’s quest for the Money in the Bank Contract.

How does a Dean Ambrose and Sasha Banks friendship work? What did the Lunatic Fringe do to Brock Lesnar that cashed his ticket for Suplex City? How do the new dynamic duo get captured by the Wyatt Family, and how do they escape?

Leading up to the one of my favorite moments of all time, Dean Ambrose securing the Money in the Bank contract, this is a very intriguing and dynamic way to tell the story of Mr. Money in the Bank Dean Ambrose.

Next, we’ve got “Roman Empire,” but I haven’t secured this one. Time to message Tardy’s!