Comic review: Y: The Last Man Book 1+2

I hate giving Drew credit for anything, but when the man is right I’ll give him the credit. Y: The Last Man is absolutely spectacular. I read it in 3 shorts spurts, because I couldn’t put it down. I fell asleep twice reading it before bed, woke up the next morning, and continued where I left off. Why is it so good? The story of course.

Imagine a world where every man dies. Every. Single. One. The world is thrown for a loop without a little less than half the population, and no real way to reproduce because, once again, there are no men! However, somehow a man named Yorick survived the strange plague-esque virus that DELETED all the men in the world, as did his monkey Ampersand. What a weird concept to be the last man on Earth, legitimately right?

The artwork is stellar in this book. Granted, I’m going off the now third comic book I’ve ever purchased and read, but I enjoy it so leave me alone. The dialogue and artistry combine beautifully to tell a truly intriguing tale of a man, his monkey, and trying to find a way to get the Earth rightfully so. There are so many questions left to be answered, and the bomb of a cliffhanger on the last page had me so intrigued, I hit up Tardy’s early to get Book 2. You’re damn right I did. You’re. Damn. Right.

Drew. My bank account hates you. Hugs and kisses.