Comic Review: Y: The Last Man Book 3

Seriously. Drew and Gavin can bite me. My obsession with this series has now reached new heights. Every Wednesday when Court of Nerds goes in to film the Facebook Live picks of the week, I drop some cash on the next two books in the series. Is this anger illogical? Completely. How dare I hate friends who provide me with good reading material. Gingers have never been much for logic though.

So Book 3 picks up the action quite nicely. As Yorick, Dr. Mann, and Agent 355 continue to make their trip to California in hopes of you know, saving the future of the human race, we find out just how many people are after the last known living man. We also find out some secrets that were teased heavily in Books 1 and 2, which truly had my mind blown. In TV shows and movies, I can often pick out twists and turns before they happen. In comic books, at least in this series, I’ve been swerved quite a bit. So kudos to Brian K. Vaughan for that. The art and dialogue in this series makes it impossibly hard to put down. Therefore, I often just fall asleep while reading it.

I must say, the last few issues in this book somewhat threw me off. There’s a side story about a traveling theater group who decide to do a play on the “Last Man on Earth.” How original right? However, Vaughan does a great job of tying Ampersand and Yorick into the foray nicely, and then adding a little humor to end the Book.

Now, thankfully, my thirst was able to be quenched quickly, because I went to Tardy’s Collector’s Corner and bought 3 and 4 together. Be smart when getting into a series people. Make sure they have all of the available books, otherwise you’ll be like a caffeine addict without a coffee house within 50 miles: demonic. Too far? Story of Sweetwater’s life.