Comic Review: Y: The Last Man Book 5

Y: The Last Man Book #5 is absolutely ridiculous. The ultimate false finish happened, and I’m downright pissed I fell for it. However, that’s the tell-tale sign of a good story right? Evoking emotion? Or is that just how I feel about wrestling story-telling? No it works here too. I think. Okay let’s get into it.

So Yorick is quite the admirable man. He’s committed to the woman he wants to marry in Australia, despite the fact he’s the last living man on Earth, and plenty of people want to eh… well, have sex with him. Each book has one woman trying to vie for Yorick, and it’s a great side story to the human spirit and ability to stay faithful.

This book also unveils a lot about Hero, Yorick’s sister, who has been trying to find him ever since she realized he was still alive. We get a look at Hero’s corruption, as well as her road back to redemption.

Oh. And let’s not forget the fact that Dr. Mann seems to think she has the solution to how Yorick and Ampersand survived the plague. And it was not her first hypothesis. Book 5 is by far the best thus far in the series. I read 60 pages quick. Then I went to the park and finished it the next day. This snack made me wanting more, and thankfully I already got Book 6. I am fairly certain I have become an adamant comic book reader. There goes my social… haha. What social life?