Comic Review: Y: The Last Man Book 6

Just when you think you know where this series is going, Mr. Vaughan throws you for a loop. I mean I should have seen this coming. The title is called “Girl on Girl.” The cover art shows Agent 355 and Dr. Mann in a very provocative position. I’m not even going to type out what happened. You put two and two together and get four damn it.

What I love about the writing in this series it’s ability to make me feel what the character feels. I was susceptible that I would be able to get that from a comic, however here we are, and I feel just as weird as Yorick about the whole situation. Plus, Yorick’s fascination with the captain of the ship, despite learning she’s corrupt, is a nice side development into his psyche. It seems he’s losing his grasp on the fact his girlfriend is in Australia.

And then we get to see Beth’s perspective from when she met Yorick, how that developed into a relationship, a few of their key moments as a couple, and what Beth is doing now. Way to go Vaughan. I’m definitely ready for Book 7 now. Jerk.