Comic Review: Injustice vs Masters of The Universe #1

Image via DC Comics

Image via DC Comics

I decided to dive into this crossover from writer Tim Seeley and artist Freddie Williams II along with colorist Jeremy Colwell and letterer Wes Abbott. It's a fun premise that requires you to know the basics about each universe but a deep knowledge isn't necessary. Yet. 

The book opens in Eternia, the land of He-Man and his Masters of the Universe. We're treated to exposition by way of battle quips, which works for me. You allow Williams to show off his skill while setting the table for Eternia. On the heels of a failed coup, Prince Adam finds himself wondering what use he is to his kingdom. He doesn't get long to wallow in debate over dictatorships and democracies for long though. Universes collide and our main story looks to be underway. 


We spend a small amount of time on the Earth of Injustice as it currently sits. We see the efficient militant side of Wonder Woman while seeing the megalomaniac Superman and his....terrifying pets. I don't want to give away too much but there was a moment there where I let out an audbile shudder like...ughuhghuhg. Something like that. You know what I meant. 

Seeley really seems to be having fun playing in this combined sandbox. The amount of characters we see in the opening issue shows his desire to bring as much into this story as he can. Including that last page reveal which is a big time WOW moment. I also like that Seeley spends more time with the characters of Eternia and the He-Man world in this opener. Most picking up a comic are likely familiar with these characters but probably not as familiar as they are with the heroes of Injustice. Abbott does an excellent job lettering here as well and makes the most of a BIG splash page near the end of the book.


Williams II on art does well here too. There are a few moments where I'm not in love with the way the characters are drawn but I also fully understand what he was going for with the classic, almost Dungeons and Dragons type look. His mountainous Batman also gave me a big smile. Also, it was weird seeing Batman smile...until we find out exactly who that truly is under the cowl. Jeremy Colwell's colors are spectacular here, capturing the moods of each moment and especially in the opening sequences. My favorite art though came on the last page which I currently can not tell you about. It's a BIG story beat. 

FINAL RATING: 8/10 Battlecats



I think any of the issues I had in this can be chalked up to issue #1. I think this story and premise shows a ton of promise and that this could be a fun one going forward. While it's not on my pull list yet, a strong 2nd issue could put it there easily. Seeley, Williams II, Colwell and Abbott have my attention and BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL, I think they'll keep it.