Comic Review: Y: The Last Man Book 7

As the crew continues its way to Japan in the hunt for Ampersand, and the pit stop is none other than Australia. You know, the country where Yorick’s girlfriend Beth is? No big deal.

I’m learning to take my time and appreciate the artwork in this series but it’s tough when the story itself is so damn good. A sleeze journalist is trying to find Yorick to make the big break that a man is still alive. Dr. Mann falls in love with a pirate: what could go wrong there? Oh, and remember when Yorick fell for a different Beth while in America still? Yeah, that came to fruition in more ways than one if you catch my drift.

So many different dynamics that are so well woven together, and in part that’s due to the great artwork. So shout out to Pia Guerra, Goran Sudzuka and Jose Marzan, Jr. for their great work in making this comic truly come to life with Brian Vaughan’s writing. I’m learning how comic books truly take a village.

Now I must truly wait because Tardy's did not have the 8th book in stock. But it's on the way I'm told!