Sweetwater's Top 5 Power Rangers Episodes

On Tuesday, August 28th, Power Rangers celebrates 25 years of broadcasting Mighty Morphin fun to the world. And wow what a ride it’s been. It started with Zordon looking for 5 teens with attitude and since then they’ve gone to space, another galaxy, traveled through time, turned into ninjas, and even shifted into turbo

I’ve watched nearly every season (I fell off a bit as I grew up, but I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve still seen quite a bit of Power Rangers) and there are so many good episodes. However, I’m going to try and narrow it down to my favorite 5.

5. "Day of the Dumpster"

I feel obligated to put this on the list because it obviously started it all. Without this episode who knows where the series would be now. 25 years of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers started here with two astronauts opening a dumpster with Rita Repulsa inside. And the rest is history. Zordon finds his 5 teens with attitude to morph into rangers and the story of good vs. evil lives on for 2 and a half decades. Wow.

4. “Return of the Green Ranger”

I will not apologize for the amount of Green or White Ranger centric episodes on this list. The character was always my favorite, and this episode pitted old vs. new. Tommy Oliver vs. Tommy Oliver. Green vs. White. Good vs. Evil. It’s like a dream wrestling match but with my two favorite Power Rangers! What a time to be alive as a kid!

3. “A Golden Homecoming”

So if we’re going to rank Power Rangers, it goes Green, White and then Gold. I was infatuated with the Gold Zeo Ranger. For the longest time Gold was my favorite color because of the Gold Zeo Ranger. However, making the original Red Power Ranger make his valiant return to reprise the role of the Gold Zeo Ranger? Once again, little ginger Sweetwater lost his ever loving mind. It’s like when a WWE Legend returns from out of nowhere and the crowd goes bananas. I went bananas, my Grandma got me all the Zeo Megazord as a birthday gift, and I absolutely loved that Gold Zeo Staff. My little ginger heart was devastated when it broke… Okay let’s move on before I start crying.

2. “White Light”

As a kid this was intense. The Rangers are without Alpha and Zordon (what?!) and struggling to beat another terrifying beast. Billy, that crafty nerd, finds Alpha and Zordon working on another Ranger… but who is going to wear that outfit? Who is getting the morpher? Who will become the newest Power Ranger?! Tommy Oliver. Jason David Frank. He’s back and better than ever, and his sword freakin’ talks?! Whattttt. I lost my mind as a young ginger with this episode, and I get a little gleeful as an adult.

1. “Green With Evil”

Duh? How could I not? As I said when I introduced Tommy Oliver at Nickel City Con, I despised the evil Green Power Ranger. He was so freakin’ powerful! Yet, I knew Tommy wasn’t bad, he was simply under Rita’s spell right? But he was also destroying the Power Rangers I knew and loved! What a dilemma in my head, am I right? And the fact this was split up into several episodes just added to the intensity. Loved it!

Admittedly, this list feels a bit empty without any Power Rangers in Space or the Ninja-era episodes in there. However, these were the episodes that truly encapsulated my mind and created my fandom of Power Rangers. And when I met Jason David Frank, it's like my childhood came full circle. I am Sweetwater Benjamin Button. Nevermind. What episodes were your favorite? Comment below!