Comic Book Review: DCeased #1



Zombies. Are zombies played out yet? I feel like they are. There was a solid decade after the release of 28 Days Later in 2002 that zombies where everywhere. I think we hit peak Zombie in 2015. Now that the “Long Night” is over, we can even be done with “White Walkers.” Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic and TV series is still running… but it seems like we all moved on to sexy robots… or weirdly anthropomorphic live action versions of video game characters from the 90’s. So why are we doing this again?


Something, something, anti-life equation, something, something, clever title, something, something, “Darkseid was…” Huh: referencing Tom King and including Big Barda and Mr. Miracle will get my attention. Maybe this will seem fresh.


Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“I have read soooo many zombie comics. I have read soooo many DC themed zombie comics. Blackest Night went on for a long time, and I still see undead sharks when I look in the ocean.”

Okay, maybe you didn’t have the shark problem, but this is territory DC has already been down on a cosmic scale. Geoff Johns might be asking himself if he forgot to undie anyone, and he’d answer:

“Shut up, I’m no longer an executive and don’t need to fix anymore of Zack Snyder’s scripts.”

Okay, maybe he didn’t say that either and is just focusing on Stargirl, but my point is that I’m not super interested in another zombie comic… especially by an author I find rather milk-toast like Tom Taylor. It’s not that I don’t like you, we just seem to want different things.

Yet, here I am. Jumping in again. To be fair, this was by far the most compelling comic that released this week (sorry Uncanny X-Men fans). While I think I know what to expect, I’m sure I’ll be surprised at some point. It’s a zombie comic, right? It will be full of death and terror, not shlocky jokes, right?



Right about now your telling me,

“I get it! You don’t like the writing style. Move on! Surely the art is top notch for short run comic?”

About that. The team is rather impressive. Stephen Guandiano of Walking Dead fame brings his inks to match Trevor Hairsine’s (Legends of the Dark Knight) pencils. This combo should work well for this genre, and will give us plenty of brutal and cringe worthy panels like this:

But is that enough to make me want to continue to buy the series after the first issue? Eh, probably. It might be derivative, it might be a bit banal, but it has Batman getting eaten by his adoptive sons… and in the end… isn’t that what we really wanted?

Rating: 7/10 Exploding Screens