Dream Casting: Moon Knight

Sienkiewcz for Moyer.jpg

After years of speculation, the many-headed Disney hydra has finally confirmed that Moon Knight will be receiving his own show on their new streaming platform. After the extreme success of their Netflix series, it’s only fair for the average comic media fan to wonder how well Disney will be able to craft their own programs, especially for a character as layered and complex as the former assassin Marc Spector.  But, if we can’t exactly speculate on the quality of the show, perhaps we can speculate who exactly will play the Fist of Khonshu himself?

The role has to be taken seriously, because the character really is deep – this is a character who has a place in the supernatural, a place as a street-level urban vigilante, and a place in the world of mental health. To be able to handle a role like this, we’d need an actor with range and intensity, someone who would be believable in a variety of roles (Spector has several personalities he dives into regularly), and someone who can channel a furious intensity through a full-bodied costume. After chewing on this for a while, here’s a list of actors we think can really do justice to Moon Knight.



1)     Josh Hartnett
Once upon a time, Josh Hartnett was a pretty boy. But then he decided that wasn’t for him, and he began to take roles in underrated action films (Lucky Number Slevin) in addition to broody sci-fi fare (Penny Dreadful), and along the way he established himself as pretty damn good actor. He can do subtly menacing (Sin City) well, which lends itself to the Mr. Knight persona, and he in general has improved as a character actor, which lends itself to all those nutty personalities. Also, still pretty handsome.



2)     Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Speaking of character actors, JGL has played a wide variety of characters, and done a sublime job inhabiting all the weird roles he’s been asked to play. Thanks to his performance in the Dark Knight Returns & GI Joe, we know he can handle a large comic book production, and his role in Don John has shown he can get insanely ripped. Also, we know he can play mentally unbalanced convincingly after Manic, and he can seem religiously committed when everyone else thinks he’s crazy like in Angels in the Outfield (….what? That’s legit!).



3)     Shia LaBeouf
Hey, speaking of intensity, LaBeouf has always managed to basically inject 1000% effort into any role! Seriously though, LaBeouf’s talent as an actor has never been questioned, as he’s always fully committed himself to every role, no matter how small (from Even Stevens to Peanut Butter Falcon). He’s also participated in blockbuster franchises (Transformers, Indiana Jones), so we know he has no problem with physical action. Despite being so young his career is widely varied with a large contingent of various projects, showing his wide range. Personally, I think he’d do a fantastic job in this role if the right showrunner comes along. However, he’s not my first choice…



4)     Ross Marquand
I love the pick of Marquand here due to his insane ability to mimic. He easily slips into any type of accent or dialect a role requires, and his impressions are both spot on in terms of the audio and the physicality. He’s been a constant presence in the Walking Dead, which can demand a huge amount of energy, and he actually played the Red Skull in the new Avengers films, so he’s familiar with how Marvel productions work. He’s got a great screen presence, and his wiry frame could easily be used to embody the insane nature of Moon Knight’s violence. I honestly believe he’d be the best choice, and would surprise a lot of people with his ability to morph fluidly into any personality of this complex character.