Comic Review: Y: The Last Man Book 4

Safeword is an appropriate title for this book in Y: The Last Man, because I felt like I needed to yell “cantaloupe!” while reading it (that’s the fictitious safeword I created if I were in the same situation as Yorick, which I don’t think I ever will be).

Agent 355 leaves Yorick with an old friend, and things get really weird. As in I felt dirty reading this book at the park with little kids around me and felt the continuous need to shield it from everyone. Did I leave the park to read this provocative comic book? Hell no. I’m a grown ass man and I can read weird comics where I damn well please.

Through said weirdness, we get a historical perspective of what Yorick went through after he realized every other man on Earth had died from this weird plague that strictly attacked Y chromosomes. Something Vaughan does well is pacing the story, while also giving a true sense of urgency around every corner. Here’s a portion of the story. Oh, by the way, there’s still several groups trying to find Yorick, and they’re hot on his tail.

That leads us to yet another group of man-hating women, the Sons of Arizona, who do everything in their power to keep a main interstate blocked, meaning Yorick, Agent 355 and Dr. Mann need to find a way to get through or around to make their way to California. You can imagine what sort of hijinks that leads the group on as they fight for their right to party! I mean, make it to the Golden State. Oh… Now I get why they’re called the Golden State Warriors. Thanks Google!

And here’s your regular Tardy’s Collector’s Corner plug, because they hooked me up once again with Books 5 and 6, which I am making my way through now. On to the next one.