Drew McCarthy (Social Media, Podcast, Writer, Bad at Gaming)

A big fan of comic books and books in general, Drew was hooked on Archie as a kid and is hooked on it again now. He lives happily with his son Isaac in Grand Rapids and when not being a nerd, he likes watching sports and yelling at the sports on TV, lounging by the pool, binge watching anime and napping. 

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Grant Stoye (El Capitan, Writer, Podcast, #DadTech)

Generally useless. Mostly reads comics and plays D&D. 



Kevin Carley (Writer, Paste Pot Pete Enthusiast, Sledge On Gaming)

Residing atop a mountain, surrounded by magical forest where he is serenaded by the sounds of bobcats mating, this over-educated man-child spends his life avoiding anything resembling an adult life. He finds employment painting models and using those models in imaginary games of epic conquest and fantasy. He is currently trying to figure out what its like for a Midwesterner to live on the East Coast. He enjoys his beers hoppy, his comics irreverent, and his watersports clothed.


Jon Calvaruso (Podcast,  Lego Enthusiast, Self proclaimed Star Wars Expert)

Jon is a simple man with simple pleasures. When he is not building Legos, he is probably watching Star Wars and preparing to prove you wrong on your fan theories. You can also find him reading comic books of the Star Wars nature and collecting any items that have to do with the Wars that are a HOT item. When not nerding out, Jon is a 2 time Softball Champion, sports lover and Dad to his fur baby Boomer. 

Gregg Aronica (Executive Producer, Occasional Ball of Anger, Pizza Enthusiast)

A man is many things. He is strong, he is kind, he is brave, he is suave, he is nice, and he smells of meat and bacon.

Much like the average manly man, Gregg smells of meat and bacon. When he first came into this world, the doctors and nurses did agree: he was a handsome, handsome devil. Nary a stray glance wasted upon his chiseled baby pecs. By the age of 5, he had discovered a love of Calculus. By 10, he had solved world hunger, ended the Israeli-Palistinian conflict, and invented the moon.

At 15, he moved out of my parents abode and began work with gorillas in the Congo. In less than a week, he was crowned their king. The statues they erected in his honor were only eclipsed by my marvelous hair.

Now, he's balding. And the gorillas have left him for that Jane Goodall tramp.

Okay. Fine. None of that is true. Except for the balding part. That part is true. 

Emily Slater (Writer, Turtle Lover, Poodle Princess, ChickBro)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of marrying Michelangelo, the Ninja Turtle.

Fast forward twenty-something years, and you have a grown woman who dreams of marrying Michelangelo, the Ninja Turtle.

Much like her romantic goals, there’s a whole lot about Emily that hasn’t changed since childhood.  She still plays video games to avoid responsibility, she reads more comics than novels (impressive, considering a degree in literature), and enjoys playing dress-up.  But she calls it cosplay now, because that's the mature thing to call it.

She will swear like a sailor and hit on your parents, but she’ll also call you her poodle, so it breaks even.

Benjamin Raven (Written Content Manager, That's So Braven, Braven The Hunter)

During the day, Ben works as MLive.com's Detroit-based Trending News Reporter. At night, when he's not devouring comic books or engulfed in the WWE Network, he's our written content manager. 

He loves Spider-Man, The Flash, The Rock, Bret Hart, Nic Cage, Guy Fieri and anything you hate. Send him story ideas, press releases and money to benjaminraven1@gmail.com

Stacey Miller (Writer, Photographer, Tech Head, Dog Person, ChickBro)

Stacey is a different kind of nerd.  British television, technology, and random useless facts are her jam.  Talk to her about comic books and video games and you'll see her eyes glaze over, but get her talking about cameras and photography, good luck getting away!  When she doesn't have her head buried behind a camera, Stacey spends what free time she has taking backpacking trips, completing Rubik's cubes, and having one-sided conversations with her mutt and partner-in-crime, Allie.


Isaac McCarthy (Special Assistant to The Court, Child Reviewer, Adorable)

Isaac is the youngest member of the Court of Nerds but he knows his stuff. He likes his Beetle Blue and his Flash as Barry. Isaac isn't yet a fan of spending hours going through $1 comic bins but he will hunt for a rare LEGO Mini Figure all day long. He's also a gamer who is big on Minecraft, Skylanders and any LEGO game. 



Biff Tannen AKA Zach betts (Twitch master, Beat Blaster, Go Faster)

Biff Tannen is not only a self-proclaimed nerd but also a music aficionado. His love of Back to the Future since he was a child inspired his performer name and he spends his spare time playing OverWatch and building computers. Twitch with our dude, http://twitch.tv/hellobiff!!