Court of Nerds Grand Rapids Comic Con Special! Part Dos

Prepare thyself, 'cause here comes part two of our Grand Rapids Comic Con special! 

Coming your way this time, we have Gavin from Tardys to talk about every comic afficionado's dream: owning a comic book store. Gavin talks the transition of ownership for this historic shop, as well as Tardys plans at the GRCC! (also: unfairly tempting Grant)

Additionally, Droo and Grant get to bask in the glow of the wonderful Karen & Darrin Brege, author and illustrator of the Mick Morris series! Besides being a fantastic creative tandem for print, Karen and Darrin also bust out a few uncanny impressions to boot. 

If you missed part one, clickety click here, and if you missed the Mark Hodges interview you can unleash your clicks here