Court of Nerds Episode 33: He REALLY Loves His Dog (the Sam Humphries Interview!)


Droo, Emily, Grant, and Gregg go the ol' roundtable route when discussing the goods and bads on the 2015 edition of the Grand Rapids Comic Con...  which you can coincidentally view all the photos and articles and podcasts covering such on this website right here! 

Next up, we have a grand ol' time talking to everyone's favorite well-coiffed comic book creator, Sam Humphries! Sam gives us the low-down on his upcoming Citizen Jack & Jonesy, talks a bit about his upcoming Star Lord arc, and gives Grant all he can handle whilst discussing his cult classic Our Love Is Real. Giggles were had by all. 

Father/Son bonding at its warmest

Father/Son bonding at its warmest

To close things out we have Handsome Jeff from the Vault of Midnight talk new releases! (tip: Buy Karnak. Like, RIGHT MEOW)