Court of Nerds Episode 34: THE GREATLIN


The Vault of Midnight loans us the one and only KAITLIN THE GREATLIN, and she talks the absolutely bonkers new releases of Art Ops, Black Magick, and the second-number-one-of-2015 issue of the Ungreemaboo Squirgle!

editor's note: things do, in fact, get nuts

editor's note: things do, in fact, get nuts

Grant hops on the horn to squeak about comics: Marvel has more new releases, Bill Finger FI-NA-LLY gets his due at DC Comics, and holy Snorks the Darkseid War is amping things up

Emerie drops the mic on la televisor: Jessica Jones looks BOSSSupergirl is the Truth, and the Walking Dead breaks hearts and minds

Ol' Gregg gets games, and he gabs about something called an Avicii Vector, ZOMG XBOX ONE FINALLY ALLOWS BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY, and gamers hating on gamers hating on Reddit. 

Droo does the movie thing, and he talks JJ VAGURAMS, Dr. Who's pooch gets a solo gig, and HEEEEEELLZ YES Olivia Wilde as Captain Marvel! (rumors, bro)