Court of Nerds Episode 32: Fantasy Football RPG? YES.


First things first: Jess just got back from riding for Wellhouse, so you should be a good person and donate. UNLESS YOU'RE A BAD PERSON. 

Gregg, with the courage of a Titan, beat his illness aside to do games this week, and he brought the noise: Far Cry Primal leaked early, and it looks GNARLY; CD Projekt Red is trying to out-Witcher themselves; and finally, WTF is up with Steam consoles and we can only get them from WHERE?

Next up, Jess goes in a direction none of us expected: Fantasy Football. And not only regular fantasy football (which is as nerdy as any War Hammer gamer when you consider the variables), but also into ACTUAL FOOTBALL RPGs. Whaaaaaaat?

Droo breaks down movies, and it's a sweet deal - Black Panther may have a director and a writer, and they ain't bad; Deadpool gets a freaky-good composer for its score; Will Sony/Marvel be cramming Miles Morales into the new Spider-man movie?; and holy shit, WB's Flash movie looks even worse with its proposed directing choice

Grant mops up comic duty by sharing his pull list. Seriously

Don't tell his wife. Please?

Don't tell his wife. Please?