Court of Nerds Episode 36: Many Much Star Wars (the one with Jenny from Celebration!)

Word up, Nerds and Turds! TODAY ON THE COURT: 

Gregg opens things up with a good dose of gaming: Fallout 4 has incredibly favorable ratings, but appears buggy; When Life is Strange ended, Gregg broke down - such is its BEAUTY. Thankfully, new game on the way!; Rockstar Games is shutting down Mods, and therefore BEING GIANT DICKS

Next up is Droo talking television: New Jessica Jones trailer? YESH PLEASHEWalking Dead casts Negan!; Flash is still awesome, Supergirl stumbles

image chosen to show that the show could be a hell of a lot worse. 

image chosen to show that the show could be a hell of a lot worse. 

Grant dives into comics after that: Oni Press has chosen its first general submission series! (hint: it wasn't Grant & Andy's book...); Did X-23's first appearance get recategorized?; and holy shit, that's a lot of Marvel variant covers...

We also have special guest nerd Jon talk about not just the new Star Wars trailers, but also the ending of the Shattered Empire series, and toss out some fan theories!

AND THEN WE HAVE THE EVEN SPECIALER GUEST: Jenny Garone from Celebration Cinema! She talks about the secretive Star Wars mania that has taken over, and some other juicy theater nuggets only we are privy to!