Court Of Nerds Episode 43: Holiday Hangover (featuring Justin from Different Breed Comics)

Art by Matt Maldonado, courtesy of Different Breed Comics

Art by Matt Maldonado, courtesy of Different Breed Comics

Welcome to another EXCITING and SENSUAL episode of Court of Nerds! Well, not really sensual unless you like shorter dudes or fat hairy dudes. But if that's what you're into, with a hefty helping of nerdery? We're your dudes.

Gregg had double duty this week and all he had for gaming was doodie...ya know, poop. Steam took a steamer over the holidays, Bioware says bye bye to a big game director and MGS continues to release DLC. Gregg also brought us the TV news with the latest trailer for The CW's Legends of Tomorrow (kicks ass), a lack of HODOR news but some other Game of Thrones biz and Punisher and Elektra in Daredevil. 

Jon Kalamazoneuzzo talks with movies with all the records broken by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the leaked potential X-Force line up and the DC Movie-verse dates lacking one caped crusader.

Drew had comics this week and talked about a lot of GREAT new releases...that Marvel and DC pushed back a week. Be sure to check with your local shop BEFORE heading out because sometimes kids, the internet LIES. Also a heartwarming story about helping the co-creator of Moon Knight.

Justin Bartz from Different Breed Comics also joined us this week. We caught up and talked about some of the struggles of publishing your own book, Project Shadow Breed, the joys of world building and a little D and D. 

PLUS after we recorded this episode, Justin received an email that could be VERY big for DBC and Project Shadow Breed. Keep an eye out for these guys in 2016.