Court of Nerds Episode 25: Braven, Speed Dating and Other Mysteries

On this episode of Court Of Nerds:

MOVIES: Grant talked up a few Disney sequels while his spirit animal The Thing was mistreated and it shattered his widdle soul. Plus, is KRAVEN the next Spidey Big Bad? We bring in Spider-Man expert and Court of Nerds writer Ben Raven aka Braven The Hunter to discuss.

TV: Drew dropped some Teen Choice Awards knowledge, a smattering of Arrow related goodness and gave a big thumbs down to NBC/DC's new The Office ripoff, Powerless.

GAMES: Gregg used a lot of gamer words this week but he did talk about Microsoft studio giving gamers a choice, American McGee wants Alice 3, WarHammer 40k struggles and Peter Dinklage getting replaced by a voice acting vet. 

COMIC BOOKS: Jess brought some fun titles in this week to discuss! EVERYONE loved all over Hark! A Vagrant, so be sure to go read it. She's waiting to be impressed with We Stand On Guard and teased an exciting new release from BOOM! Studios

GUEST: The silky smooth Jeff from Vault of Midnight joined us to talk up this week's releases including the Secret Wars tie in House Of M and the excellent anthology series Island. He also made a plea to all the nerdy ladies out there to sign up for Vault of Midnight's SUPER COOL Speed Dating event (sorry, all the guy spots are filled) and revealed that Jeff himself will be available that night. Try not to drool on your keyboards. Also, be sure to check out Vault's Super Skull Show! It's wonderful, like the last Squirrel Girl variant cover sitting on the shelf, waiting just for you.