Court of Nerds Episode 26: CLOSE AND PERSONAL (the Mick Gray episode!)


Gregg talks the unabashed joy that was Stephen Amell on WWE, the absolutely gaudy debut numbers of "Fear the Walking Dead," and really brings down the mood with his Patrick Stewart news...


Droo got worked up over renewed interest over Nintendo movies (Huzzah!), Captain America: Civil War spoilers (SPOILERS YOU GUYS SPOILERS), and joins a collective of sandy swimsuit-areas over the newest rumor concerning Blade 4

Emily went nuts with a new TMNT tabletop game, gabbed building a DC deck (of cards. Not, like, a patio or anything...which would be exceptionally cool, though), and nearly punched a hole in a wall because of new Fable news

Grant got all high-pitched talking new Hellboy, got giggly over Warren Ellis talking Karnak, and got mopey over not just Jonathan Hickman leaving Marvel, but also Rick Remender

SPECIAL GUEST TIME: Joining us for a second round of absolutely fanboy-ing out over the comics industry is longtime DC inker Mick Gray! Mick talked about his new Robin book, picking music, and teaching the intense art of inking...and also made Grant's dream come true by praising his fan theory.