Court of Nerds Episode 29: YOU'RE A NERD, JON SNOW

Guten Hello, Friendleins!


Droo tackles entertainment as whole, going hard at television first: Did Jon Snow know nothing, OR DID HE KNOW HOW LONG HIS CHARACTER WILL BE ON THE SHOW?! Also, Manu Bennett fucks up, and it saddens us. Also ALSO, is Walking Dead going hard after the source material (AKA "What They Should Have Been Doing Since the Start")?

Also, Big Mac tackles movies, with Fox Mutant Maestro Simon Kinberg talks Deadpool sequel (yay!) and Fantastic Four sequel (...wut?). And.......CHRIS NOLAN 'AKIRA' TRILOGY BE STILL MY PANTS

Gregg revisits the epic Pokémon announcement that gave a fan base a collective erection, gabs about the new Destiny expansion, and shines a light on a troll getting banned (good things happen to good people!).

And because you (and we....repeatedly) demanded it, Vault of Midnight hunk Jeff Millard carries the Book segment for us! Black Mask's Space Riders needs yet ANOTHER printing to appease a rabid audience, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale reunite to produce Captain American: White #1 (sever years after CA:W #0), and tackles Rick Remender's futuristic sci-fi soon-to-be-masterpiece Tokyo Ghost #1