Court of Nerds 27: Emotions on Our Sleeves

Greetings Poindexters and Poindonnas! TODAY ON THE COURT OF NERDS: 

Things get really real with Games, as Gregg drops some life lessons - Nintendo and Amazon get in bed together, and the results are ACTUAL sales on ACTUALLY recent games! Also, FUCK Konami for making a breath-taking new Metal Gear Solid game and screwing non-connected console gamers. Also, wazzup with the new Deus Ex game? JOE MAMA! (Mostly some shit about tiered rewards for pre-orders, which are already shitty). 

Natendo brings the noise with Movies, starting with some Star Wars SPOILERY SPOILER SPOILS! Next, we ogle the new images of Michael F. Assbender in his Assassin's Creed garb. Lastly, the most influential horror director of all time, Wes Craven, has passed away. This is an incredible loss for not just the horror genre, but the world of film as a whole. 

Next up, Grant gets more excited than a pre-pubescent girl about TV, but with less restraint - Green Lantern may appear in Arrow Season 4Professor Zoom gets a scary-ass new voice, and Disney assumes control of Marvel films...but not television

Lastly but not leastly, Droo fills your ears with Comic Book news - HOLY BALLS, the Old Teen Titans are New again! Also, fill your pull list with some real gems! ALSO ALSO, 'Old Man Logan' is bad and Brian Michael Bendis should feel bad