Court of Nerds Episode 30: CAAAAAARRLLLLLLL (the one with DJ Mayhem!)


Gregg starts out the Games segment talking to WSNX's DJ Mayhem, and they geek out over the new Destiny expansion, the Taken King! Then It's time to talk supporting quality horror games, and how the new Lego Dimensions game will assault your wallet. HIDE YO' KIDS, HIDE YO' WIFE. 

Next up Grant tackles TV, and that means lots of dumping on Gotham. CBS' Supergirl releases a new trailer and some photos, and good grief, CBS is also making a show based on a 'Meh' Bradley Cooper movie. /fart noise

Things get REALLY REAL when Ben makes his live podcast debut, and he talks the upcoming newest (yawn) reboot to the Amazing Spider Stark and the absolutely incredible Tokyo Ghost premiere. 

Droo wraps things up with Movies! First, he drops knowledge bombs that Colossus and the Vision will have bigger parts in their upcoming films, that Spidey will indeed be a 15-year-old scamp when he makes his newest debut in Avengers 2.5: Civil War, and lastly the Star Wars universe just maybe kinda sorta might have some Hayden up in that piece