Court of Nerds Episode 30b: the Steve Orlando interview!

Virgil. Is. Pissed. 

Virgil. Is. Pissed. 

We were lucky enough to get Steve Orlando back on the show to talk his newest release, 'Virgil,' and he really brought the noise. Also, SPOILERS AHEAD!

Steve gets into the composition of the book, how he and artist JD Faith went about assembling their crew, how he chose the environment of the story, and how he developed his own genre of the noir revenge tale. Steve also talks a bit about his aquatic battle book, 'Undertow'!

Give it a go, and be sure to have your favorite bourbon or whiskey in hand!

Also - be sure to check out Steve's blog, his Twitter, and check out the J Flag website to learn what you can do to help combat hate in Jamaica.