Court of Nerds Episode 28: Pick No, Man

¡Buenos Dias! ¡La bienvenida a la corte de los Empollones!

Things kick off with Natendo talkin' 'bout Bethesda recording a hell of a lot of dialogue, Pikmin being Nintendo's newest...thing....(seriously? Pikmin? Woof.), and how Metal Gear Solid is breaking Nate's heart. Piece. By. Solid. Piece. 

Droo approaches the realm of television with all the subtlety of a bull moose: Arrow has released some Season 4 teasers that TEEEEASE so well, Season 2 of Flash is threatening time jumps, and hell YEAH Nick's bringing the TMNT back soon - this time with more Triceratons!

For movies Gregg brings the fat biscuits - First up is the upcoming Christmas miracle known as KRAMPUS, then we get a little a little bit of nervous news how WB wants less Superman and MOAR BATMONEY out of BvSDoJ(ROFLMAOBBQ). Finally, he talks handsome men in suits


Lastly, Grant bumbles his way through comics with the help of Brenda from Vault of Midnight! We learn a bit about the newest (and longest-titled) Star Wars book dropping this week, as well as the newest nerdgasm-inducing Batman issue featuring Scott Snyder, Brian Azzarello, and Jock! 

Also, WTF Joe Mads - you can't finish Battle Chasers as a graphic novel? Also, HOLY BALLS BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL LOOKS DOPE! Also also, the identity, creative team behind, and potential plots of the Totally Awesome Hulk? Fantastic. The name? Still absolutely horrible.