Court of Nerds Episode 45: Frog Anatomy (the one with Rick Remender!)

Greetings Younglings! This week on the Port of Swords! 

Gregg opens things up with television, and hits on a couple juicy news nuggets: classically handsome Jonathon Schaech (That Thing You Do) cast for classically hideous DC Western icon Jonah Hex for 'Legends of Tomorrow'; Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle is so damn good he's already getting a Netflix spinoff; Nintendo plans on actually utilizing their IPs in more entertainment avenues!

Grant squawks next about comics like a beagle in a blender: HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS 'NOWHERE MEN' NUMBER 7 IS ACTUALLY HEEEEERREEEE; Holy SHIT, you guys. This Harley Quinn overexposure is getting ridiculous; HO-LEEEEE shit! Secret Wars 9 was an absolute triumph!

Droo spills the sexy beans on some movie news: Ryan Reynolds wants R-rated X-Force? UM YEAH LET'S DO THAT; Warner Bros confirms a bit of Justice League concept art IS, in fact, legit'Batman: Bad Blood' continues Warner Bros all-out domination of the animated super-hero market. 

Sweet Benzo pulls it all together with some sweet, sweet gaming stuff: Star Wars: Battlefront is pretty kickass, but could/will be a lot better when a couple things happenLondon wants to be the Mecca of gaming, and is really putting money where its mouth is...if it were, like, anthropomorphic; No longer will Battlefront-Bundlers have a leg up on the rest of the plebes - formerly exclusive retro Star Wars games are hittin' the market!


We had a chance to shoot the shit with arguably one of comics' biggest names (and most compelling writers) - Rick Remender

Incredible picture courtesy of @bengal_art

Incredible picture courtesy of @bengal_art

Rick shows the patience of a mountain as he answers all our dumb questions, and goes in depth with his current gaming habits, how to put out your own book, and holy shit was that a Sandlot reference in Tokyo Ghost #5?