Court of Nerds Episode 44: Pastry Picklehouse Or Something?

Happy Poo Year, Nurglings! Today on Der Kert Erf NEEEEERZ: 

Grant has to jet ASAP, so he spews out some stuff about current comic writer supreme Tom King; the pandering, pedestrian comic abortion known as Spider-Man and Deadpool; and HOLY HELL SCOTT SNYDER IS TEACHING A COMIC-WRITING CLASS!

Professor Drooseph gets TV, so he chats about a potential fan-made Red Hood series; Daredevil's brand-spanking new Elektra teases ol Matty Murdock; and the Arrow gang has to get ready for a King Shark throwdown

Doctor Greggorovich Arronica tackles movies, starting with proper respect for martial arts powerhouse Toshiro Mifune; WTF where's the Rey Star Wars toys?; and HOLY SHIT the Force Awakens is printing money. 

Mister Jonathan Calvatrippuzzio, Esq discusses the gaming world, replete with a mention of the new Rick and Morty ios game and talkin' that cray cray OCCULUS RIIIIFT