The Court Of Nerds: The Scott Snyder Interview

When you start a podcast about anything, you make a wishlist of people you would love to have on the show. For a sports podcast, that could be Bob Costas or Vin Scully. For a podcast on movies, that list would include Spielberg, Abrams or Whedon, if you will. 

When we started this podcast two years ago, that list was topped by our guest this week: Scott Snyder. 

Scott has been an author we all love, either for his work with DC on Batman, All Star Batman or Batman Eternal or his many creator owned properties like Wytches, American Vampire, Severed and The Wake. His ability to not only create new characters but reinvent old ones has captivated audiences. Scott's work with The Joker is considered to be one of the definitive takes on the character and his book Wytches was picked up by Brad Pitt's film company after its first arc. 

Scott talked to us about creating the Court of Owls, how his own fears and demons play into his work, when we get more Wytches, the collaborative nature of making comics and his upcoming book "A.D.: After Death" with Jeff Lemire. We hope you enjoy this conversation with one of the best creators in the business as much as we did.