Court of Nerds Episode 48: We'll Fix It In Post! (....we didn't)

Quick question: Does this Ninja Turltes onesie make me look TOO handsome? 


Gregg starts things off by tackling games - Alas, sweet Gametrailers, webid you a tearful adieu; Let's all hope you're wearing your brown pants for this Final Fantasy announcement...; Also also alsoooooo DARK SOULS NEWS GANG!

Jon picks off television like a Madden cover boy - Oh, THANKS WARNER BROS! It's not like we ADORED Deathstroke on 'Arrow' or anything...; Nah, ain't no Zelda show on the horizon; Holy hell, we gots some DC villains popping up left and right!

Ben pops comics right in the mouf - Look, why is it so hard to write a good Superman?; Fasten your seatbelt, uncle Brody, 'cause sequential art is on the RISE;.....HOW DOES A 9.4 GRADE AMAZING FANTASY #15 EVEN EXIST

Droo does a silly lil' touchdown dance with movies - Damn, dude! Here comes Rocket Raccoon!; You give me a sentence with "Ewan McGregor" and "Star Wars" in it, and I'll give you glass-shattering dolphin squeal; How 'bout them SuperBaw movie trailers ehhhhhhh?