Court Of Nerds 50th Episode Spectacular: I Was A 15 Year Old Girl…



WARNING: The content of this episode is dirty. Like, 18 and up dirty. Like, Deadpool blushed listening to it dirty. Like, if you're easily offended, this shit ain't for you dirty. 

Yes, we realize that we've TECHNICALLY done more than 50 episodes but much like DC and Marvel, we make our numbering up as we go! So since we deemed this our 50th episode, we decided to have a little fun. 

We've got EVERY possible member of the Court on this show PLUS King of the City artist Andy Budnick for an episode we promised over 40 episodes ago...THE FILTHY SHOW! Andy and Grant used to talk about superhero sexy times while working in a restaurant together, so we went all in on the dirty of the Justice League, Avengers and X-men. Plus, we discuss our favorite moments and memories from the first 49(ish) episodes. Kevin also raged against the Street Fighter machine. 

We were also joined by DC Comics inker Mick Grey, one of the first big guests to ever join the show! Mick talked about inking for Neal Adams and his role in DC's Rebirth!