Court of Nerds Episode 47: Watch your back, Kevin Smith!

Hey man, do you like grilled cheese? Well shoot, we do too, so you should get ready for THIS WEEK ON THE COURT OF NERDS: 

Droo eagerly steps up first to spew his take on television: the CW's 'Legends of Tomorrow' is pulling out all the stops when it comes to guest stars; the Faman on Batman, Kevin Smith, will be directing an episode of 'the Flash' for March! ...except Droo has too many feelings for Smith, and they ain't good; Teen Titans on TV? Maybe? Potentially? Plans? 

Next up is Jon with der MOOOVIEEEES: That Superbaw will be showing a bunch of trailers...NOT ALL THE TRAILERS, THOUGH; Guess who's gonna be the new RIta Repulsa? Hint; SHE'S AWESOME; Filming for the Wolverin3 starts soon...wazzit gonna be about? 

You need some games? Greggles gots some games: Nintendo is still hush-hush on its mobile games, but they ARE hinting; Danny DeVito as Detective PIkachu is all we need to survive the Winter; Here comes Lego Starwars - PREPARE YOUR ANUS 

Picture courtesy of Image Comics

Picture courtesy of Image Comics

Grant's corpse trudges to the mic to give you Ambivalence Towards Books: holy shit you guys PROPHET: EARTH WAR IS OUT RIGHT MEOW; DC has Rebirth on the schedule, and it could lead to a lot of changes. Good? Bad? Dunno?; Comic Bento done did good.