Court of Nerds Episode 52: A Gaggle of Chuckle****s (the one with Jeff Barrett)

Oh man, I'd have to say that the best value meal at a fast food joint currently is THIS WEEK ON THE COURT OF NERDS: 

Up first Grant stumbles casually through games - Microsoft planning on cross-network playing with Playstation and PC is absolutely YOOOOOOOOGE; Tom Clancy's the Division is tearing shit up upon its release, with the potential to gain even more players; Grant is still playing Arkham Knight just to figure out with the Knightfall Protocol consists of. Poor guy. 

Gregg saunters up for movies - somehow he tried to talk games via movie adaptations; Daisy Ridley in talks to be the next Tombraider? AHIGHT; Indiana Jones 5 is happening. Prepare for Indiana Jones and the Complaints About Young People. Braven gets HEATED. 

Ambling up next is Droo with BOOOOOOKS - mostly it's a bunch of new releases, but dey allllll gooood. 

Lastly lil' Benzo gives the gift of gab with TV - Gotham may be getting a spinoff...and it could be good?; Robert Kirkman is getting another TV show based on his creepy-ass book Outcast; Conroy. Hamill. CONFIRMED

And mercifully, we're joined by an honest-to-God expert on things, Shorty Award-winning Jeff Barrett! Mr. Barrett comes in courtesy of his wonderful show, the BarrettAll podcast, where he discusses marketing, social impact, and a bunch of other interesting stuff you wouldn't ususally find on this hot mess.  


Also? His hair really looks damn good.