Court of Nerds Episode 51: Iron Fist is the WHITEST

Greetings fellow humans! This week on el Court de Nerds:

Jon kicks things off with a jaunt into the world of television - Some folks are getting optimistic about Marvel TV making an appearance during Avengers: Infinity War; Supergirl again hits the rights notes with peripheral DC characters by bringing in Guardian; holy crap holy crap holy crap Jason Aaron's 'Scalped' may be turned into a show!; HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT IRON FIST MAY POP UP ON 'LUKE CAGE'! 

How white did they say I was?

How white did they say I was?

Gregg broaches the topic of the electronic games medium - OH SNAP, are things changin' at Microsoft? In a good way?; Pokemon: GO is coming, and people are losing their MINDS; Moar Pokemon? MOAR POKEMON! Loogit this new Sun/Moon shit!; Also, this bar looks like the greatest thing since shoelaces developed aglets! 

Grant gets wacky bo jacky with films - Joseph Gordon-Levitt out of Sandman? SAY IT AIN'T SO; Aaron Paul in on the Dark Tower adaptation? SOMEBODY GET ME MY HAPPY BUCKET*; Ridiculously, Marvel Entertainment Poobah Ike Perlmutter once tried to get Iron Man written out of 'Civil War.' Really. 

Lastly, Braven gets down with sequential art - On a somber note, long time Fantastic Four artist Paul Ryan has passed away at 66 years old; The best-selling Spider-Man comic doesn't have Peter Parker in it....okay, that doesn't narrow it down TOO much, but still!; Don't look now, but DC had a better sales month than Marvel. 



*Apparently the Paul rumors may have been a bit premature...