Court of Nerds Episode 57: Everybody's on the Phone! (the Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing interview!)

It's not every day one gets to eat the final Trefoil in the girl scout box so THIS WEEK ON THE COURT OF NERDS:

Grant pops things off this week stumbling through TV - More Iron Fist casting gets all the gang jacked up, and the Supergirl finale left the door open for a bevy of new characters. 

Kevin joins us via the magic of the cellular telephone, and gabs games - He got the beta version, fell in love, and now looks forward to gobbling up the full version of Battleborn. Also of note is HOLY DANG WE GOTTA START A BOARD GAME KICKSTARTER

Gregg is not a phone and speaks IN STUDIO about movies - Willem Dafoe joins the DC cinematic universe....BUT AS WHO? (as whom? Whatever) Holy shit check out this first look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

Ben joins us via the magic from a chimera's tears for books - The Eisner Award nominations are out, and there are severals of our favorite creators....but there are a LOT of books we haven't read yet. DC just got in bed with a digital comic service, which could be great for them AND potential comic fans. 

Joining us to talk shop (and comics, and RPGs) are the writers behind Boom Studio's JoyrideJoining us to talk shop (and comics, and RPGs) are the writers behind Boom Studio's Joyride - Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing!

We get to talk developing ideas, the wonderful Marcus To, and LUUUURRVVVVING Dick Grayson. 

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