Court of Nerds Episode 55: Damn Good Carrots (the Kaare Andrews interview!)


Grant kicks things off with books (NOT MOVIES) - Arriving in stores this week with much anticipation is Ta-Nehisi Coates' and Brian Stelfreeze's Black Panther from Marvel. GET PUMPED; Midnighter will be drawing to a close (which is horrible); and Tom King will be doing Tom King things with Vision #6. Prepare your hearts!

Jon gets into the thick of movies next - The drop from Friday to Friday for BvS: Boots of Krampus has been a magnificent fall. Historic, even; Soooo, the Last of Us movie adaptation has stalled. Because reasons. BOO.

Emily hopes into TV with a slurry of ambivalent feeeeelings! - One of Comedy Central's greatest programs, Drunk History, has been renewed!; There's gonna be a Doctor Who spinoff (yay!), without any Doctor Who characters (whaaa?); Sharknado 4 is happening. Hold on to your butts. 

Gregg goes balls into games - PS4 owners, get ready to do your games wherever the hell you want to; the World is ready for another Kratos v Gods game...ESPECIALLY if he's taking on the Norse pantheon; Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay and game footage has leaked. Hope you're wearing your brown pants. 



We were joined by one of our favorite artists/writer/creators in comics, Kaare Andrews! 

Kaare gives us the low down on his first creator-owned book Renato Jones: the One%, and it sounds FANTASTIC. He goes into detail about his process of developing the story, adhering to his principles, and how he manages his filmwork.

Kaare was also fantastic enough to keep talking shop with us, getting into the nuts and bolts of his Marvel work, his DC hopes, and pushing the boundaries of storytelling!

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