Court of Nerds Episode 62: Meat and Taters (the Tom King interview!)

Ahhhh, allergens are putrefying the air we breathe, and it's time to take into account THIS WEEK ON THE COURT OF NERDS: 

First things first, we had to address New York Comic Con's well-intentioned, but EXTREMELY ostracizing, new Fan Cred ticket sales

Crazy ol' uncle Benzo takes the mic to discuss movie news, where Harley Quinn is targetted to get her own solo movie (but with the Birds of Prey) and we get more information on Shane Black's comments regarding Iron Man 3's choice of villains. 

Next up is Grant talking books, highlighting DC's highly-anticipated Future Quest book by Doc Shaner, Jordie Bellaire, and Jeff Parker, as well as giving Valiant's books their due.  

Emily brings cookies and gaming news, touching on the impending release of Blizzard's Overwatch and on the crazy-awesome-sounding new Ghostbusters game!

Jon ties things up in a nice pretty package by going over whatever the hell Fox is doing with their programming (amongst other cancellations), and HOLY SHIT 'PREACHER' DEBUTS SOON!


Joining us this week is the newest captain of DC's flagship title, Tom King! We BS with Tom about taking over Batman, Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and what the heck is up with DC's fictional cities. 

look out for mongul! 

look out for mongul! 

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