Court of Nerds Episode 59: Obligatory Star Wars Mention

Keep running! Keep running! It's right behind you and now it's THIS WEEK ON THE COURT OF NERDS:

Jon does many things. He is a renaissance man. First, he does games - Did you know you can waste even more money on Call of Duty games? You totally can!; On the other hand, new Uncharted extras? At a decent price? TAKE THIS MONEY

Emily is also a lady of many talents, and this week she focuses on books - DC's Super Hero Girls just keeps looking better and better with every new decision; The Wonder Woman series post-Rebirth just looks incredible. HERE SOME PREVIEWS!; Captain America and Jim Steranko. Need we say more? 

Gregg has a plethora of skills, or as the 90's kids say, "skillz." Here's his TV stuff - Good grief, what's a girl gotta do to get some Karl Urban 'Dredd' on the small screen?!; 'Game of Thrones' just recently returned for HBO, which is an absolutely FANTASTIC time to have streaming issues

'Member how Jon does things? He finishes with movies! - I mean, kudos to Zack Snyder for being open with his comic interests....but geez, man! Try something without sex or violence; Captain America: Civil War has shattered all sorts of Fandango records, and with good reason

We're also joined by our home girl Kaitlin "the Greatlin" from our local Vault of Midnight shoppe, which just so happens to be hosting Free Comic Book day featuring a bunch of dorks who write about geek stuff! 

And lastly and bestly, we were joined by a stunningly talented local cosplayer, Kitty Fantastico! We get the inside jam on construction, cons, and bearded cosplays for Droo that aren't Homeless Santa or Lazy Hobbit.