Court of Nerds Episode 64: Baby Raccoons (the one with Scott Clow!)

Guten Howdy hip cats! THIS WEEK ON LE COURT DU NERDS:

Gregg gets tipsy with TV: Willa Holland puts Warner Brothers on blast, and FX's Legion seems...good? 

Grant gets crunk on comics: 'Saints' Finale, gnarly Rebirth books, Revisionist from Aftershock, and the Civil War crap commences.

Droo glugs gaming: ZOMG the Last Guardian is actually still on track, Fables lends itself to a card game, and it's about damn time Goldberg was in a wrestling game!

Ben wraps things up by mashing movies: X-Men Apocalypse was actually fun, and Rogue One needed quite a few pricey reshoots. 


Brazen nerd (and fellow radio person) Scott Clow from Jackson 101.5 Hot Country talks ol' fashioned wrasslin', ol' fashioned Logan, and an ol' fashioned WTF anecdote involving a baby raccoon! Give Scott a follow on Twitter, and you just may hear your new favorite story.