Court of Nerds Episode 67: the MOST E3!

Prepare your thumbs and butts, because THIS WEEK ON domstol i nørder!! 


First things first, Gregg gives us just a saucy lilsampling of what 2016 E3 had to offer (FORESHADOWING, FOLKS). 

Next up, Emily makes like Kevin Bacon and delivers the goods in movies - New Justice League details! Too much, or not enough?; Finding Dory takes over everything forever; Disney's Moana is coming (STARRING THE ROCK'S MUSCLY VOICE); HEY, tell us about the Girl With All the Gifts!

somewhere ben's Rock sense is tingling

somewhere ben's Rock sense is tingling

And then, KEVIN HATH RETURNED AND BROUGHT BOOKS WITH HIM - If the book has "Dan Abnett" and "Aquaman" on it, you should get it; David F Walker's brutal take on Nighthawk is incredibly engaging; Matt Kindt (RAI, NINJAK) and Brian Hurtt (THE SIXTH GUN) are teaming up for an all ages comic. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

Lastly, Droo puckers up and takes in television - Is Arrow making good choices now? Weird; Is Penny Dreadful over now? WTF; Did WWE just suspend Roman Reigns shortly after he came out on top of their latest event? Holy ****, they did!

Wrapping up the last half of the show is our own contingent of gaming gurus discussing all that has been, and all that will be from E3 2016! 

Kevin, Gregg, and maniacally talented gamer friend Mark Lago discuss!  

(also, for the love of Batroc, check out all the goodies this year's
GR8BIT LIVE has to offer!)