Court of Nerds Episode 65: the Masktasker (the Fred Van Lente interview!)

Rosé is red, merlot is mellow, with a taste for wine, you'll enjoy THIS WEEK ON THE COURT OF NERDS:

Gregg returns to his natural habitat with games - lots of rumors circling E3, the Injustice 2 trailer drops, Mortal Kombat beer drops the ball, and WTF is up with the Pokerankings

Grant staggers around his TV environment - ZOMG have you guys seen Silicon Valley?? Preacher's second episode hits a sweet note. 

Droo goes at movies like a caged animal - Is a Lobo movie actually happening? Any Wolverin3 news is INCREDIBLE NEWS, and John Boyega is in the dream-making business

Ben finishes up by blending into his surroundings with books - Green Arrow Rebirth shattered expectations and sales records, and DC locks up the extraordinary Mitch Gerads


And joining us this week is one of the most clever minds in the industry: Fred Van Lente! 

Fred talks about his upcoming books Weird Detective and Generation Zero, gives some insight into comic book IPs, drops truth bombs about Taskmaster, and experiences Grant's joke that falls so flat you can hear it whimper and die. 

Please do check out Fred's Twitter, his website, and buy some of his stuff!