Court of Nerds Episode 71: Whole Lotta Bat-Talk, eh?

Greetings, fellow cosmopolitans! THIS WEEK ON THE COURT OF NERDSES

Droo hops on the TV train and talks American Gods (yes), Batwoman on Supergirl (Yes), and Stranger Things on Netflix (YES)!

Emily approaches the Movie car with aplomb and gabs Batfleck in Arkham (yas), 'Ghostbusters' kicking ass at the box office (Yas), and the Power Ranger suits further revealed (YAS QUEEN)!

Net up Gregg handles Games in the baggage car and chats NEW ****ING TELLTALE BATMAN TRAILER (YARP), Pokemon Go ruling reality (Yarp), and WTF is up with Rockband 4 (yarp)?

Grant nestles in the caboose with Books and babbles about the slew ofBetty & Veronica #1 Variants and WTF is Marvel doing with theirlegacy heroes