Court of Nerds Episode 69: Still Not a Visual Medium

What's up fellow Gremlins? THEES WEEK ON ZE COURT OOF NERDS

Gregg has gaming all up in this piece - Nintendo thinking mobile, Get your Microsoft games anywhere bruh, and Red Dead Oh Hell Yeah!

Grant has pieces of teevees all up in here - MR ROBOT V 2.0 IS SO SOON, American Gods looks FANTASTIC, and Netflix & the CW finalize a gnarly deal. 

Droo says 'peace' to shmovies - Bryan "Zordon" Cranston making comparisons, Corey Feldman is a dream-killer, and Anna Kendrick casts herself PERFECTLY. 

As a special treat we have Kaitlyn the Greatlyn from Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids talkin' comics - Justice League Rebirth from DC is lookin' migh-ty fine, and Kim & Kim from Black Mask is blowing minds.