Court of Nerds Mini-Cast: the One and Only Mark Waid

On this extremely special mini-cast we talk to one of the single most influential writers in modern comics history, the man behind the Archie Relaunch, pulling Daredevil out of the dumps, and that book you may have read once upon a time called KINGDOM COME: Mark ****ing Waid. 

Mark was gracious enough to talk to us about his work on the aforementioned Archie, developing Captain Kid at Aftershock with Tom Peyer, and Superman origins. We also got to chat about his Thrillbent venture, which involves scores of free online comics and features his flagship comic Insufferable

We also go in depth into the industry with Mark talking about female creators and how absolutely underrated Christopher Priest is*. 

Do yourself a favor and if you're not already please follow Mr. Waid on the Twitter and on Thrillbent

*editor's note: Grant referred to Mr. Priest's run on the Fly, when it was actually on the Ray, which you should absolutely give a read.