Reverse Centaur Episode 1: Poor Gary


Greetings Dungeons & Dragons players and fans alike! 

This is the premiere episode of the Court of Nerds' D&D podcast, Reverse Centaur! (Zero Session episode will be available later as bonus content, so Grant's welcoming isn't ENTIRELY a fucking lie)

In this episode, we get introduced to not just our merry band of adventurers (Ffrip, Grundel, & Yvanna), but also the players behind them: Kevin "Sledge" Carley, Gregg "West Coast Avenger" Aronica, and Marjorie "Maj" Steele courtesy of Cosgrrrl

We plan on releasing these weekly, so buckle your chastity belts and hold on to your fudgicles, because here goes REVERSE CENTAUR EPISODE ONE!

Theme music performed by Drew Alkema, whose work you can find HEEEEERE

Cover art designed by Scott Wygmans, whose work you can find HEEEEERE