Very Fine! Episode 5: Losing it Over Wolverine

Hold on to your back flaps, it's time to talk comics!


First up, Scott Snyder recruits your favorite creators to create your favorite Justice League squads (YOUR. ABSOLUTE. FAVORITES). Then a lil' bit of Dan Slott quipping on Iron Man instead of Spider-Man. We also talk Cullen Bunn and his string of stellar Aftershock books. 

Also discussed is the return of OG Wolverine to solo books in his various Wolverine Returns mini-series (now with 200% more out of context Wolverine quotes!), which, despite what any of you chub-nubbers think, is a FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC IDEA. 

Lastly, PITCH IT features the ol' Grant goblin's take on none other than the perennially underutilized Black Knight