Reverse Centaur Episode 33: Space Captain Hoofenbrock

The poo crew needs to find a way to get up to a space station to meet Ffrip, but Yvanna needs to look at one last thing before she leaves. Turns out that Mother Terra is still around, but not in the condition that she suspected.

Plus, should they trust this Ysoki that seems to reflexively lie to them about silly things like how much money he has? And that Drow named Eph Yew? What can he do for them? Will Grundle get a new hat?

Find out the answers to these questions and more, in this weeks episode!


What Grant is drinking:

  • Eagle Rare can be found here.

What Gregg is drinking:

  • Firestone Walker 805 can be found here.

What Kevin is drinking:

  • Trillium Brewing can be found here.

What Marjoire should be drinking:

  • Lawrence Mawby can be found here.

The music from this episode was produced by Sirius Beat and is used with permission.

All other music and sound effects made by Kevin and is used with permission.