Sledge and Hammer Episode #2: Buy, Borrow, & Break

Kevin and Stacey are back and have twice the number of fans than they started with last time. Bringing all the automotive news that a non-visual medium can deliver with hot takes sprinkled around like bits of asphalt on a Mid-Western road. 

This week, these two modify the age old game "Marry, F@#k, Kill" but give it an automotive twist with "Buy, Borrow, & Break." What qualities does Kevin look for in a wife... I mean car? What is Stacey's dream car to lay down some rubber with? What car does Kevin think terrible people drive between the dog park and spin class? Find out this week!

Also, Stacey gives her opinion on this new season of Top Gear and at least we didn't talk for an hour this time.

Be part of the conversation! Submit your "Buy, Borrow, & Break" choices in the comments section of the website, the CoN Facebook page, or on the CoN Twitter. We will pick our favorite and read them next episode!

The 2019 Aston Martin Varekai

The 2019 Aston Martin Varekai